What Is Diabetes And Can It Be Prevented?

Many people ask what is diabetes and wonder if they can prevent it from developing. The disease results from the lack of insulin needed for glucose absorption. The pancreas is responsible for insulin production in the body and if the pancreas fails to produce adequate insulin levels, the human body will start to break down.

Insulin helps the body absorb glucose which is used for energy. Glucose is the bi product of food digestion and has to enter the body’s cells in order to be used for energy. The glucose is eliminated in the urine if it cannot be absorbed by the cells in the body. This is why people with this condition have to visit the bathroom frequently. People with this disease will start to feel fatigued throughout the day because their body cannot convert glucose for needed energy.

There are many symptoms of diabetes besides experiencing fatigue. The person with this disorder could feel tingling in the hands and feet because the circulatory system is affected. People with this disorder will experience excessive thirst. The disease causes people to urinate frequently because the body is trying to eliminate glucose.

There are two types of this disease, type one and type two, which is also called adult onset diabetes. The first type, type one diabetes , cannot be prevented because people who have this type are born with a compromised pancreas. These people have to rely on insulin injections throughout their life to maintain reasonably favorable health. People with type two diabetes develop this condition over time and have to rely on oral medication and in some cases insulin injections.

People with type one have to use oral medication and insulin injections in order to maintain a reasonably healthy lifestyle. People who develop the adult onset condition have to take oral medication and may have to rely on insulin injections. Some type two conditions can be reversed through proper diet and weight loss.

The primary reason men and women develop type two diabetes is because they become overweight. People who eat poor diets, lead a sedentary lifestyle, and do not exercise, are susceptible to developing this disease. The good news is that people can take steps today to limit their risk of developing the adult onset type.

People with type two can lose weight and start a regular exercise routine which can help the body absorb the glucose needed to function properly. People with type one have to rely on insulin injections in order to help their body absorb glucose. People with type two usually take oral medication unless the condition gets worse and they have to rely on insulin injections. Knowing what is diabetes is important so people can take steps to try to treat and control this disease.

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