Significance of Tracking your diabetes

Diabetes is something that you wish you can ignore and it will go. Sadly ignoring it can be the most expensive decision you can make. Diabetes complications can take your vision, foot, or even life. It's important to take your blood glucose frequently and keep track of it like with Diabetic Journal's Blood Glucose Log.

Your blood glucose level is a stop watch each time it is high the stop watch is running, during that time the raised sugar content of your blood is slowly decaying your veins, organs and nerve system. However a blood sugar in range between 75-140 mg/dl stops the clock and the damage. The more time expended with the watch not running the better.

Through logging your blood glucose you provide information your doctor can employ to work out how your overall care and medicines are working, as well you can start seeing trends, for example a pasta meal may cause a blood sugar spike a couple hours after eating it. These trends point you to useful insight that can help you better correct and understand your condition.

One thing I learned from logging my sugars was I would wake up with a high blood glucose and the initial few hours of the day were spent making an attempt to reduce them. With a touch of research I discovered about the morning phenomena where you body releases glucose and Cortisol into your system to try and wake you up. The Cortisol causes resistance to insulin. Simply moving my shot of Lantus to the evening fixed my problem and my mornings started off better making the remainder of the day easier to control.

I found with tracking my blood glucose and printing off charts my doctor was able to provide me with better insights into how I was doing. I've seen the effects that rash diabetes has on the body through buddies and family. The complications come on fast and in fast succession, and when they start to turn up your standard of living is diminished as is your will to ward off further issues. That's why you need to look after yourself now, as tomorrow could be too late.

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