Childhood Obesity – The Stage Is Set For Life-Threatening Conditions As An Adult

Time is an important part of the nature of lots of weight-related health problems. What this means is that it can sometimes take a lot of time for symptoms of these problems to become apparent. However, the stage is certainly set and processes are put into motion during the early years when a child is obese. Still, a child's youth can keep them from suffering from the sorts of medical problems that plague obese adults. The condition still filters into problems discovered later in life though. Stroke, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and liver disease are some of the worse problems you can face.

Type II diabetes is a real thread to kids, teens and adults who suffer from obesity. Of course it does seem to make a certain amount of sense that it would develop. This type of diabetes is different than Type I because Type II can often be prevented. Risk factors for Type II diabetes include weight problems like obesity and a prolonged sedentary lifestyle. For those who are obese, their bodies are under a lot of extra pressure to produce more insulin. This is because obese people have more cells that need the insulin. Then, in time the body simply becomes resistant to insulin and Type II occurs.

One of the oldest expressions around is that kids and children can be cruel to each other. It's probable that most of us have had to deal with this particular truism at some point in our youths. Kids who suffer from obesity are a lot more likely to have to deal with lots of teasing and, often, being humiliated verbally. It's a miracle that these kids can make it through all of those school years and stay sane. We all know the possible consequences of such chronic abuse. The list of conditions this kind of constant psychological abuse can cause is a long one.

During the teen years a person's individualization and personality development get faster. The development of a teen's body image is especially critical as well. Obviously an obese teen will have an extraordinarily difficult time achieving any semblance of normal development in those areas. This causes a teenager to leave high school at distinct developmental disadvantages. It will be harder for most of them to compete and succeed by normally accepted standards. The real issue of obesity in young kids and teens is something that will affect everyone. You need to think about the cost this has on overall society. Kids who are obese are probably going to grow up into adults who are obese and that means that they will have to deal with things like medical costs, etc. This proves that obesity is really a problem for society even though that isn't at the forefront of most peoples' awareness.

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