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Ulcer Diabetic are an extremely painful life-threatening condition. They are a symptom of diabetes occuring in about 15% of all diabetics at any given time and almost all will develop them at some point, particularily in the 60+ age range. Ulcer Diabetic occur because as the diabetes progresses it affects the blood vessels and nerves in the extremeties, most frequently the feet although knees and legs are also prone. As the blood vessels are damaged they stop nourishing areas of the skin and the skin becomes dry and brittle and prone to breaks which infect easily.

Constant pressure points from shoes, socks, bed linens, wheelchairs or other things can easily break the skin and cause ulcerations. Because of the damage to the nerves the resulting ulceration is unnoticed by the diabetic until it's well developed. This is why checking the feet at regular intervals is so important in diabetic routines. Catching these ulcerations before they blossom into something really serious.

Most diabetic ulcers will respond to normal healing methods. Suitable antibiotics and bandaging can deal with most. However because of the constant visiting of medical facilities, hospitals and doctors offices a certain percentage of diabetic ulcers will get infected with antibiotic resistant bacteria. Wounds are an ideal breeding ground for bacteria due to the moistness and nutrients present. Because the bacteria continues to thrive in the wound they can become quite painful and grow to the point of consuming skin, flesh, underlying muscle, blood vessels and even into the bone structure itself. The wound itself will not heal as long as the bacteria continue to thrive. If this continues long enough the surrounding tissue starts to die and gangrene sets in leading to potential amputation or death.

Antibiotic resistant bacteria are now so prevalent that 1 in 20 visiting a hospital will get infected with some form of these bacteria and there are now bacteria that are resistant to multiple antibiotics making it almost impossible to control them. Those most prone to infection are, of course, those with open wounds and compromised immune systems such as the diabetic ulcers. MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus also called multidrug-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) according to the FDA now kills more people every year than AIDs. This has truly become an epidemic. In addition some 85,000 people a year have amputations of toes, feet or legs due to these infected ulcers growing out of control. Many of these ulcers grow so large that debridement (physical removal of the infected or gangrenous flesh) and surgery become the only alternatives.

Painful, time consuming, life threatening and yes, extremely expensive. The average diabetic spends $500 a month on medical needs not covered by medical plans. For those with serious diabetic ulcers that amount can easily balloon into thousands of dollars a month for specialists, treatment, antibiotics, hospital stays and surgery.

Of course the thing that puzzled me most was this:  there has been a simple do-at-home remedy for Ulcer Diabetic since 1988.  There have been hundreds of scientific studies regarding this and it works.  Better than anything else.  So why haven't the doctors and specialists gotten on board and recommended this more?

One day I was reading about diabetes and the light went on!  Diabetes is an 11 billion (yes that's billion) a year industry to all these people and frankly they don't make the bucks recommending a simple home remedy.  Drugs, surgery, doctor visits, hospital stays make money.  Inexpensive home remedies don't.  Over and over in life I've always heard the term "follow the money" and I suspect that it was never truer than with this example.  Ulcers diabetic can be healed simply and easily (yes even the chronic ones) with this simple do-at-home remedy.  Click here Diabetic Ulcers Healed

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